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Group Classes


Be active. Be social.

We offer a variety of classes designed to improve your cardiovascular system and endurance, assist in weight loss, tone and strengthen your muscles, and have a blast while doing it. 

Plus, you'll meet some awesome women just like you!

Current Classes


Aquacise: This class offers cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises with the use of aquatic fitness equipment.

Aqua Fit: Toning and strength focused aqua exercise that will utilize some great aquatic fitness equipment.

Aqua Fusion: An energizing workout that combines cardio AND resistance training.


Aqua Zumba: There's nothing as cool as boosting your mood and your booty at the ultimate dance party in the pool!


Low-Impact Fusion: Low-impact cardio exercise with a strength training component.

50/50 Strength & Cardio: A class split between traditional strength training with equipment and various cardio exercises.

Hip Hop Class_edited.jpg


Zumba: A fusion of Latin and international dance music themes that create a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system. Routines feature aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow-paced rhythms that sculpt the body. 

Hip-Hop: Offered for Kids age 6-9 years and tweens 10-12 years.

Kids Hip-Hop guides children through the fundamental hip-hop techniques using music with amazing beats! The class is fun and also builds all over muscle strength while promoting cardiovascular fitness.

Tween Hip-Hop blends several styles of hip-hop dance as the instructor pulls inspiration from a variety of genres to produce a versatile and fun class!

Spin 5280

Our signature Spin class that helps develop your cardiovascular strength and endurance through cycling. In addition, you will build your upper body, core and lower body muscles through the addition on strength training while cycling. It's the ultimate total body workout!

Fitness Class


Fitness Variations: Experience a variety of low impact movements and exercises to target different muscle groups each class, and build overall body strength and endurance for agility and longevity. 

Pure Strength: Amazing impact-free total body conditioning, utilizing various strength equipment.

Total Body Burn: Full body cardio training that incorporates the use of free weights.

Total Body Circuit: Interval and weight training that works all muscle groups in one class!

Total Body Conditioning: A mix of cardio and strength training using body weight exercise, free weights, and other equipment such as stability balls and steps. Every class targets upper body, core, and lower body muscle groups.


Ab Express: A class focused solely on your abdominal muscle groups. Strengthen your core - the most important group of muscles for all functional movement!

Barre Strong: Beautiful low-impact exercise with movements inspired by ballet, Pilates, and yoga.

Body Focus: A functional movement workout which features a different group of muscles weekly. Class includes body weight resistance exercises, cardio, and core exercises to strengthen your body’s range of motion, stamina, balance and mobility. This class utilizes all types of gym equipment.

Sheer StrengthDevoted entirely to the goal of gaining muscle strength, this class incorporates body weight exercises and a variety of fitness equipment in movements with zero-impact. We will emphasize form and breathing while maintaining a low aerobic heart rate.

50/50 Strength & Cardio: A class split between traditional strength training with equipment and various cardio exercises.


Yoga: A mind-body practice that uses postures to build flexibility and strength, and improve balance. Connect your mind to your breath and muscles in a wonderful meditative, focused state.

*BYOM - bring your own mat :)

Restorative Stretch: A class designed to increase your flexibility and relieve stress through stretching that ends with a relaxing guided mediation.

*BYOM - bring your own mat :)


Power PilatesBuild your strength, balance, agility and muscle endurance. This class has a particular focus on activating and developing the core as these Pilates-based exercises help to develop the most important major muscle group of your body.

*BYOM - bring your own mat :)

Sculpt & Flex: A calisthenics-based class that takes inspiration from Pilates & Barre movements to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility.

*BYOM - bring your own mat :)

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